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TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 5.2—”Escape the Prison”

Lara Croft and her high-climbing, arrow-shooting prowess continue in our latest Let’s Play through Rise of the Tomb Raider. This time, it’s less arrows, more assault rifle ammo. By the way, if you’d like to get caught up on this entire series of videos, head on over to this YouTube playlist.

Last week, Lara escaped the prison with her new mysterious friend Jacob, and overheard the game’s antagonists discussing their plans. Meanwhile, Jacob only seems to appear when it’s convenient; even though he’s supposed to be accompanying Lara in this game, he keeps falling behind and only shows up in the occasional cut-scene. I guess he can take care of himself, although we never really see him doing it, and I don’t even think he has a weapon, but whatever. So yeah, Jacob is lost yet again in this week’s episode, except I don’t even think there’s any explanation for it this time other than “he fell behind, again.”

This week, Lara has to puzzle-solve and then shoot her way out of this enemy territory. First she solves a quick escape-the-room situation with her rope arrows, and then a guy with a gun shows up and Lara has to kill him. And then she’s gotta kill all of his buddies, too. Ain’t that always the way of it?

Lara has to make with the bad guy murderin’ at least twice, since our Let’s Player Sam Riedel manages to misuse one of those exploding lanterns to blow herself up (it’s pretty funny, though–and Sam does nail it the second time around). Good thing Sam’s getting better at throwing those lanterns, because the next new trick that Lara Croft learns in this level is how to make more advanced explosives. The entire rest of this map involves Lara using spare metal cans–of which there are a bazillion conveniently littered around–to craft little grenades, which can be deployed to highly destructive ends.

After Lara kills all the nearby bad guys and escapes out of that particular area and finds a new save point, Jacob calls her on their shared walkie-talkie line and tells her to “be careful.” Thanks for the advice, dude, but I think we got that already! Lara seems worried about him, but for plot reasons, I’m pretty sure he’s going to survive and find his way back to us again. Anywho, Lara sits down at the save point and makes with the leveling-up of guns and items and crafting skills.

After a bunch of leveling and item-organizing, Lara hops on into the next area and tries out her newly leveled-up shotgun. Sam likes the results! We’ll have to show it off for you more next week, at which point Lara will probably catch up with that Jacob guy again.

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