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TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 4.2—”Soviet Installation”

Light 'em up, Lara.

Lara gets violent on this week’s Let’s Play of Rise of the Tomb Raider, and our Let’s Player Sam enjoys the ride. Did you know you can throw lanterns at enemies, which will light them on fire? You then watch them burn alive. It’s pretty intense. So, uh, that happens in this week’s Let’s Play! Just so you know.

I remember writing about Lara Croft’s ice-cold killer attitude in this game last year, before it had even come out yet, just based on the early trailers and footage for the game at the time. It’s clear from this Let’s Play that Rise of the Tomb Raider lives up to its mega-violent promises (for better or worse). In last week’s episode, there was a lot more exploring and even a couple of cut-scenes. This week, it’s back to looting and kiling. Woo!

Unlike our Let’s Play series for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: MichonneRise of the Tomb Raider just doesn’t have as much complicated story stuff to recap or worry about. In this week’s episode, Sam mostly struggles with keeping her arrows and new pistol handy in battle, while occasionally guiding Lara across ledges and metal beams. There are plenty of kills to be had, such as strangling, arrow-shooting, and this brand new lantern-throwing method. There’s also a lot of sneaking around, since Lara has to rely on stealthy tactics in this game, especially when enemies are around.

If you’d like to stay caught up on what little story’s available in this game, though, you should go back and check out our previous recap of last week’s Rise Let’s Play. That said, this game isn’t that complicated, so you can pretty much dive right in with the video up top.

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