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TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 4.1—”Soviet Installation”

Let’s go raid some tombs! On The Mary Sue’s official Twitch channel, we played a whole bunch of Rise of the Tomb Raider last month, but Twitch is an ephemeral service that doesn’t save videos forever, so if you haven’t subscribed over there then you may’ve missed it. We’ve decided to move our Let’s Plays over to YouTube as well, so now you can watch the latest in Lara Croft’s adventures, hosted by TMS’ own inimitable Let’s Player Sam Riedel!

All of our Let’s Play archives will get archived on our YouTube channel from here on out, but if you don’t want to miss any of our live Twitch streams in the future, you should hop over to our channel and subscribe. Our future Let’s Play plans include Overwatch and Star Wars: Battlefront, and you wouldn’t want to miss those, would you?

Want a Rise recap before you tune in? Before today’s video starts up, Sam had already played through the game’s first two missions: “Mountain Peak” and “The Prophet’s Tomb.” She also started up the game’s third mission, titled “Siberian Wilderness,” and in the middle of that, she hit up an optional mission challenge called “Ice Ship.”

Our video begins with Sam at a treasure heap location, marking the conclusion of the “Ice Ship” optional challenge. She then returns to the third mission, completes it, and then around seven minutes into the video, she reaches a cutscene which serves as the end marker for the “Siberian Wilderness” mission. After this cutscene ends, the game’s fourth mission, titled “Soviet Installation,” gets going. Sam doesn’t defeat this mission in today’s video; you’ll have to wait until next Friday to see how that one turns out.

But what about the story? If you’re confused, you can watch the first 40 minutes of this massive cut-scene compilation of all the story beats from Rise of the Tomb Raider. The cut-scene that begins 40 minutes into that video is the same cut-scene that Sam reaches in our video above, seven minutes in, when Lara and Sofia confront one another. You’re not the only bad-ass lady archer running around the wilderness of this game!

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