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Toothbrush Water Fountain Combo Solves Someone’s Problem, Maybe

Designed by Scott Amron, the RinserBrush combines the utility of a toothbrush with the elegance of a drinking fountain. Or something. To be honest, I’m not sure what the point is, but it’s a toothbrush that channels downward flowing tap water into a convenient arcing stream. It also, features interchangeable heads and costs a bit more than you’d be willing to spend on a manual-powered toothbrush.

What bugs me about the RinserBrush is that I don’t understand the benefit of the water stream. Was cupping water into one’s mouth too difficult? The site says that this design is “greener” because you won’t use an disposable cups, but my solution for the past 20 years has been to just use a plastic cup. It is a neat idea, however, and the design seems to be extremely well executed.

Also, props to Amronfor recognizing the need for an on/off valve to avoid accidental soakings.

What does interest me about the RinserBrush is the interchangable toothbrush heads. It’s always bothered me that the only portion of a toothbrush that sees actual wear represents a very small part of the entire device. Though the snap-on interface is sure to get grimy, I really like the idea of reducing the amount of plastic I toss.

Though apparently not yet in production, you can pre-order the rinser right now for a cool $22 with orders to fulfilled sometime in November. Hopefully the maker will keep production up long enough to make a lot of new bristle heads, otherwise that’s a lot of scratch that will quickly become useless without replacement parts.

(Amron Experimental via Geekologie)

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