Take A Look At the RetroN 5, The Retro Gaming Console We’re Drooling Over [Video]

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We got really excited when Hyperkin announced the RetroN 4 gaming console, which was supposed to be capable of playing NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy games with one console. Hyperkin was supposed to debut the RetroN 4 at the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend, but they didn’t. Instead, they introduced the RetroN 5. So what was the fifth element in the new console?

During the announcement — which appears to have been held in the back room of a bar — Hyperkin developer David Yu broke the news that while developing the RetroN 4, they realized they could cram another cartridge slot into the machine to make it the RetroN 5. With four of the biggest retro consoles already part of the RetroN system what got added? Famicom.

You can watch the full announcement and presentation here:

It looks like besides the unexpected addition of Famicom games, the RetroN 5 is everything we were told the RetroN 4 would be. It has two original controller ports per console it’s meant to replace, HDMI out with promised up-conversion, and on board software for doing things like remapping controllers and switching between consoles.

The price and release date are still a little nebulous, but the RetroN 5 should be out some time around July of this year for less than $100. That might even be time for the folks at Hyperkin to get another cartridge slot on there for a RetroN 6.

(via Slashdot, image via Facebook)

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