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Republicans Are at It Again: Being Truly Awful on Twitter


Matt Gaetz points indignantly in Congress.

It’s a new day, which means it’s another chance for Republicans to go online and say some ridiculous things and offer their truly awful takes. What’s the primary theme this week? You guessed it. Right now, Texans are suffering. There are power outages across the state, many are freezing in their own homes, and access to safe water is limited. There is also the pandemic still happening. But Republicans are too busy crying because Trump isn’t president and blaming everything under the sun for what’s happened in Texas other than holding politicians and, well, capitalism accountable. It’s honestly sad.

So what have right-wingers chosen to do instead of help out with Texas relief? Uh … a whole bunch of messy tweets in place of anything worthwhile.

Donald Trump Jr., in a pathetic attempt to stay relevant, has been making videos on Rumble from a terrible angle where he talks about things as if anyone cares for his opinion. In this particular video, he explains that he can’t “cancel” Cruz for taking his kids to Mexico in the middle of a pandemic and a climate crisis in the state he represents. But the funniest part was that Jr. worded his Tweet to go along with the video so poorly that it made it seem like he was calling out Texas’s “Democrat” Governor. Greg Abbott is very, very Republican. Jr. was probably trying to lambast Democratic Governors for general “incompetence,” but since he can’t punctuate he made it a singular governor and conflated it with Ted Cruz in Texas. So. Yeah.

Please feel bad for me, I watched this video. It’s dumb.

Also, let’s not forget that Donald Trump Jr. is a sad and pathetic man who clearly bought nearly half of his followers.

Unfortunately, there have also been some bad Texas takes from across the political spectrum, and we’d be remiss not to mention them. There have been quite a few tweets out there shaming Texas for being a “Republican” state. Texas has a 150-year-old history of voter suppression. So when you make grand, schadenfreude-tinged statements about how the state and its suffering people “deserve” this or aren’t receiving help because they “get what they vote for,” you’re ignoring the fact that Ted Cruz only won by 51% and that the state is known for suppressing voters. 42% percent of Texans, more than 3.5 million people, voted for Abbott’s opponent Lupe Valdez in 2018—not that these numbers or political allegiances matter when lives are at stake.

Also, don’t be that person. Everyone deserves help. That’s what makes us different than toolbags like Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan.

If you want to be the bigger person than all of these assorted Twitter takes, our lovely Chelsea Steiner wrote up a piece on what to do to help Texas right now. If you can, please do so. They need our help!

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