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Here’s How To Help Texans and Winter Storm Survivors in Need

So many things to do that AREN'T flying to Cancun!


As Texas is battered by winter storms, locals across the state are struggling with power outages, broken pipes, and freezing temperatures. President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency, and the National Guard is being mobilized to help residents find food, shelter, and warmth. This Katrina-level natural disaster is affecting millions of people across the South and the Midwest, and the snowfall has blocked several roads and highways.

As federal aid mobilizes, Texas republicans are blaming the Green New Deal (which again, is a policy proposal that doesn’t exist as a law) and renewable energy, and telling their citizens to “sink or swim.”

In lieu of their complete abdication of responsibility, grassroots organizations are coming together to help Texans survive the dangerous and devastating conditions. If you’re looking to help, here are some local organizations to support:

Austin Area Urban League: The AAUL has launched the #LoveThyNeighborTX campaign to provide emergency support and donations to provide food, potable water, and shelter for housing insecure communities in the greater Austin area.

Front Steps: this non-profit for homeless services is currently running a blanket drive and accepting donations.

Feed the People Dallas Mutual Aid: This Black-led mutual aid collective is accepting cash and dry food donations. You can also volunteer with them and send them needed items on their Amazon wish list.

Lucille’s 1913 Community Kitchen: This Houston non-profit makes and distributes food for those in need.

Austin Pets Alive!: This animal organization is raising funds and accepting supplies to keep pets warm and sheltered, like heating pads, Styrofoam coolers, dog beds, heat lamps, and blankets.

Lucha Dallas: This community based collective is dedicated to uplifting and empowering the BIPOC community in the DFW area. Help them give hot meals and beverages to unhoused people via Venmo @luchadallas.

Free Lunch: This Austin collective is making deliveries of home-cooked meals, blankets, hand warmers, and hygiene kits to the Esperanza Community residents, a state-sanctioned shelter/campsite.

There are dozens more charities operating in Texas and the surrounding states, as well as larger organizations like the American Red Cross.

If you have a favorite charity or mutual aid group, please drop a link in the comments section. We’re sending love and support to these terrific groups feeding folks and saving lives on the ground.

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