Bye Bye Man poster inspiration for Peepee Poopoo Man poster.

Remember “The Peepee Poopoo Man”? Twitter Certainly Does.

This hilarious take on "The Bye Bye Man" somehow removes all the terror from the movie poster.

In the spooky month of October, all kinds of scary and hair-raising memes are circulating the internet, but none are as simple in concept and hilarious as this take on the Bye Bye Man movie poster. Although the meme has existed for several years at this point, even now, it proves to be silly enough to get a laugh—as its recent resurgence on Twitter has garnered one user over 260,000 likes.

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“It’s nice to have it confirmed that this is indeed the funniest thing in the history of the world,” tweeter Andy Compton wrote in a reply.

However, the context behind this image might be equally as funny—if not scary to think about. Believe it or not, the “Peepee Poopoo Man” was indeed an actual person terrorizing the city of Toronto almost three years ago. On November 22, 2019, a man wearing a blue jacket and a yellow construction hat entered the John P. Robarts Library on the University of Toronto’s campus and proceeded to dump what could only be described as “liquid crap” onto the library below. Four days later, after several people were assaulted by the liquid poop, Samuel Opuku I was arrested in connection with the attacks. Although no one assaulted with the feces died as a result, the smell was enough to scare anyone for a long, long time.

Sometime after this incident occurred, Internet horror legend Kris Straub created the image of the movie poster “The Peepee Poopoo Man” based on the Bye Bye Man movie poster, which has since become a widespread meme across all corners of the Internet. While the context behind this image is not a particularly deep one, it is equal parts hilarious and scary—perfect for the season of Halloween this year.

(featured image: STX Entertainment, edited by Kris Straub)

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