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Red 2 Is Looking For A Director

Cautiously Optimistic

So they found a director for Die Hard 5, which according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness puts this particular death alongside cobalt, obsidian, and tooth enamel. It’s John Moore, in case anyone was interested.

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We’re much more interested in another related-only-by-the-serendipity-of-BruceWillis tidbit of news: that Die Hard 5 is trying to get off the ground and finished before Summit Entertainment makes good on the roughly $120 million in profits it made on last summer’s Red and puts its sequel into production.

Why are we interested? Could it be getting to watch Dame Helen Mirren wielding some more giant guns? Well…

Yes. But we’re also interesting in the quiet success of comic book adaptations in an environment where every flop like Green Lantern causes the movie industry and much of the press to draft lengthy articles wondering if the “fad” of comic adaptations could have finally reached its ending. And we like seeing even loosely adapted versions of Warren Ellis‘ work, so there.

According to Deadline, Summit and Bruce Willis are looking at a number of different directors for Red 2, but at the very least including Breck Eisner.

(Deadline via MTV Movies.)

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