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“Real” “Working” Ghostbusters Ghost Trap! [Video]


Guys, guys, look! It’s a 100% authentic (replica of) a ghost trap from Ghostbusters! Mattel was showing it off at Comic Con, demonstrating the two modes that let you either pretend you’re catching ghosts or just hanging out with a wonderful collector’s item. The former mode, “movie,” will put on a display of flashing lights when the door is opened (with the foot pedal) while playing sound effects to simulate the act of catching and containing a ghost. (Obviously, there is no concern for stream-crossing here.) But say you felt like recreating a ghost-capture scene in your very own fan video and would be adding the sounds in post. (I will not deny that I’ve considered doing this for about 20 years.) Good news! That’s what the “prop” setting is for! The lights still flicker when you hit the pedal, but with no sounds. Even more fun: It dances around as if there were a ghost inside. If interested, try to have $135 handy in October when the trap will be for sale to the public. I’m going to start selling lemonade as soon as humanly possible.


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