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Razer Makes A PC Motion Control Peripheral Just for Portal 2


There’s been a lot of talk lately about when motion controlled gaming is going to hit the PC market, mostly from Microsoft in relation to their Kinect.  Since the company makes both PC software and a major gaming console with a tantalizingly resourceful video-based motion detection system, it’s not unrealistic to think that Microsoft will eventually integrate Kintect with Windows.

In fact, Microsoft’s CEO has already said as much.  But for the people who just can’t wait as long as “eventually,” and for the people who just can’t wait to decry the arrival of motion detection for the PC as the end of PC gaming (you know, again), Razer has made a motion controller for Portal 2.  And only Portal 2.

It’s called the Razer Hydra, and it will be bundled with a version of Portal 2 that has a few extra levels and mechanics that are only playable with the Hydra.  The specific mechanics offered by the hydra are ability to stretch and rotate special Aperture Science boxes, and, the mainstay of any motion control scheme that actually has controllers, throwing things.

The integration that these controllers offer is impressive, and Razer promises to keep the price tag under $100.  Still, that’s a lot of money for what amounts to some DLC and a couple controllers that will gather dust until a company decides to make another game with them in mind.  We’re content to wait.  But if you want to use the Hydra’s existence as proof of either a just universe or a malevolent one, be our guest.

(Joystiq via Rock Paper Shotgun.)

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