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New Comic Raising Dion Shows That Parents Don’t Need Superpowers to Be Heroes

“Imagine Superman, but from Martha Kent’s point of view. Or imagine Spiderman [sic], but from Aunt May’s point of view.” That’s the idea behind the thought-provoking new comic, Raising Dion, written by Dennis Liu and illustrated by Jason Piperberg. Check out the ridiculously awesome comic book trailer above!

raising dion cover

Raising Dion tells the story of a widowed mom raising her son on her own; a task made all the more difficult because her son has superpowers. How do you raise a child when they can disappear at any moment, or overpower you while throwing a temper tantrum? With love, discipline, and a superhuman patience. This comic examines the role that parents play in helping a child turn into the adult they will become, and the fact that a parent’s love can be all that stands between being a superhero or a supervillain when you grow up.

It’s also really awesome that the protagonists are a black mother and son; that she’s a single mom because she’s a widow, not because Dion’s father up and left; and that this is a superhero story from a woman’s point of view. I also love the idea of acknowledging that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world, and doing it well is truly heroic. You don’t need powers to be a hero.

The first issue of Raising Dion is available FOR FREE as a digital download over at However, you can pay money for a hard copy if you like it, and the funds raised from hard copy sales will be put toward continuing the book. If this is a story you’d like to see continue, consider snagging a copy!

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