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Raina Telgemeier’s The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels Are BACK – In Living Color!

OMG, Claudia's hair!


My eleven-year-old self is doing somersaults of joy! Fresh off her recent Eisner nomination for Sisters, Raina Telgemeier is also celebrating the re-release of her graphic novel adaptations of The Baby-Sitters Club IN FULL COLOR by Graphix/Scholastic!

Why do I think this is awesome news? Because CLAUDIA’S HAIR, that’s why:


We all know she’s the artsy one. I’m so glad that in this modern, graphic novel interpretation she’s totally rocking that Manic Panic!


Well that, and I’m glad the story of these classic BFFs is available for a new generation in a new medium that will hopefully be the gateway drug to reading the original books.

Graphix/Scholastic are releasing the color re-releases of the first two adaptations, “Kristy’s Great Idea” and “The Truth About Stacey” on April 28th, and signed copies are currently available for pre-order! If you happen to be in NYC on Free Comic Book Day (May 2nd), and want to rub elbows with an Eisner nominee, Telgemeier will be doing a signing at Astoria Book Shop.

(Story and Images via Raina Telgemeier)

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