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R2-D2 Crochet Beanie Keeps Ears Warm, Does Not Project Holograms

This is the droid hat you’re looking for. Listed quite recently on Etsy by user craftandcrochet, these R2-D2 custom beanies are available by order. Yes, a geeky product found online that’s actually real, practical, and for sale. All orders are custom made, so be sure you know the size of your head if you want to adorn it in Star Wars crochet greatness.

But maybe R2-D2 wasn’t your favorite droid of the series. Maybe you picked one of his obscure cousins to fall in love with. Well, the beauty of custom orders is custom colors! Your cranium can be decked out in any color combination of droid pattern you want. Nothing says “I’m a geek, I’m proud, and I’m cold” like a beeping, booping beanie (beeping and booping not included, but easily performable by the wearer).

Here are some more pics so you can know full well what it would look like on a head:

(Via Reddit)

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