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Quentin Tarantino Will Retire After Next Two Projects

"Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, 'Match that sh-t.'"

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Some fans might be eager for Quentin Tarantino to take the reins on the director-less Deadpool 2, but the man himself has confirmed that he’s sticking to his rule of “ten and done”–meaning his next two films will be his last before he rides off into the sunset of retirement.

At the Adobe Max conference in San Diego on Thursday, the director said that once his two upcoming projects have been released, he’s hanging up his hat. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his last two movies will be a potential “Bonnie and Clyde-esque tale set in 1930s Australia” and a “historical nonfiction project”, though Tarantino himself said he doesn’t quite know what format that will look like: “It could be a book, a documentary, a five-part podcast.”

However, Tarantino did reveal that he has a routine when it comes to working on a new script, and it all boils down to the music. The director says he works through his record collection–and it can often be a song in particular that inspires one of his stories. “So much of [the movie’s language] revolves around a sound or a song. Before I’ve started, I’m seriously thinking about the music. I’m listening to a track and picturing everyone at the Cannes Palais just loving it.”

Tarantino’s last film, The Hateful Eight, definitely didn’t perform as well as some of its predecessors like Kill Bill or even Inglorious Basterds, though it was rewarded several positive critical reviews. Since then, Tarantino hasn’t gone as far as to confirm his next follow-up film, but it appears that the end is definitely in sight.

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