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The Queen of England Sent Her First Tweet, Let’s Commemorate With 9 First Tweets of World Leaders

We'll be eagerly awaiting her first Vine.

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, sent her first tweet! She took off a glove to do it. I wonder if she then used that glove to smack the iPad and challenge it to a duel?

The above is just an image of her sending the tweet, which she signed to let everyone know it was actually her and not just another tweet from the Official Account of the Monarchy™. Though I’m a liiiiitle disappointed she didn’t tag herself Grandmaster Flash instead. The tweet was sent to open an “Information Age” gallery at London’s Science Museum:

Of course, the tech-savvy queen—who was the first British monarch to send an email in 1976—is far from the first world leader to get in on the Twitter game. Here are a few more of the first tweets from some people on Twitter you may have heard of.

Some spiritual leaders:

The one above is the first tweet from the Dalai Lama account, but it’s obviously in the third person. Here’s the first one I could find that sounded like the Dalai Lama might actually have tweeted it:

The other two women she’s talking about are:

And future president of the United St—what? Um. Nothing. Here:

The current president of the United States before he was POTUS:

And former president George HW Bush, whose first tweet I found while trying to figure out if Nelson Mandela had ever tweeted:

And of course, our own spiritual leader here at The Mary Sue:


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