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Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country Optioned by Fox, Ellen Page in Talks to Star

Cautiously Optimistic

Variety is reporting that Fox Studios has optioned a Chernin Entertainment produced feature film adaptation of the graphic novel series Queen & Country, and Ellen Page is in negotiations to star. Here’s why you should be paying attention.

Queen & Country is the long and intermittently running creation of Greg Rucka, who usually gets mentioned on The Mary Sue for his contributions to the DC Comics universe (which include the current origin of Batwoman and Renee Montoya’s stint as the Question).  The ongoing series of comics and novels about the life of seasoned MI5 agent Tara Chase; modern, completely un-romanticized spy stories about defusing Middle Eastern weapons deals, ambassadorial kidnappings and scandals, and the hazy deals done between the espionage agencies of supposedly allied countries. It is to the Bourne series what the Bourne series is to James Bond, covering not the most harrowing adventures of its characters lives, but their everyday work, from the beginning of an op to the mandatory psychological examination afterwards. It’s also got a female lead whose competence is rivaled only by her inability to form lasting personal relationships. And where another story might frame this failing as the “real” hurdle for agent Chase to get over, the series simply displays it as a nearly universal character trait for people in her profession. Their work is so dangerous that their government would rather send someone whose disappearance they have to explain to as few people as possible.

So, yes, if that’s a concept that Fox Studios is now interested in putting on the big screen, I am all in favor of it. According to Variety, the studio has been looking for a franchise to cast Ellen Page in for some time, and while I can’t say that I really see much of Tara Chase in Page’s previous body of work, I’m all in favor of young actresses being given the chance to play great, non-conventional roles. With Fox looking for that kind of talent to star, it seems more likely than not that this won’t be the last we’ll hear of the production.

I do wonder about Variety’s reported screenwriter for the movie. If he’s this John Rogers, well, I just hope he’s stepped up his game since 2007.

(via Variety.)

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