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Québec Experiences Unexplainable Event In The Sky, Probably The TARDIS

Matt Smith's hipster Doctor would just love Montreal.

Montreal TARDIS

Cities across Québec and Ontario, Canada were shaken a few nights ago after a mysterious explosion – accompanied by an inexplicable flash of blue-green light – lit up the night sky around 8pm. Though there have been no reports of a wheezy vworrp-vwoorp sound, we’re forced to assume the TARDIS has crash-landed in eastern Canada.

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Across eastern Québec and western Ontario (that’s a huge chunk of Canada right on top of New York State), people experienced the boom and blue streak – but no one knows what caused it, including the Québec police force and Environment Canada. Sure, Chris Hadfield said it could have been a meteorite – but no seismographic events were recorded by either Earthquake Canada or the United States Geological Survey.

You know what would cause a big boom, a bright blue streak, and no seismic activity? A crashing TARDIS.

I’m just saying. Occam’s razor.

(via Montreal Gazette, image via Nurr Hussein)

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