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Behold: The Pump-Action Slingshot

There are men and then there is Jörg Sprave, the German CEO who spends his time crafting outrageous slingshots, who puts all other men to shame. We’ve featured his work quite a few times, culminating in his construction of a piece of slingshot artillery. Today, Herr Sprave brings us a humble, but no less impressive creation: The Pump-Action Slingshot.

Using a slide similar to that found on a shotgun, the slingshot can be quickly cocked and fired. The slingshot is especially impressive because it uses a magazine of ball bearings, loading each shot as the weapon is cocked. Though not the most powerful of Sprave’s creations, he says it is almost certainly one of the fastest. Read on below to see a video of the slingshot in action, and enjoy the new “action packed” intro sequence.

(via The Slingshot Channel)

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