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This Slingshot Fires Circular Saw Blades [Video]

I bet you’ve been wondering what Jörge Sprave, slingshot enthusiast and large bicep owner, has been up to lately. Wonder no longer, as Sprave has emerged with a new and terrifying slingshot rifle. The best part? This one shoots circular saw blades. And of course Sprave’s new slingshot is designed to ensure that the blades are spinning once fired from the rifle, for safety and better stability during flight. Because when firing your circular saw blade slingshot, safety is the top priority.

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Sprave has a good attitude about his eFame, and safety concerns. When one commentor asked him what would happen if the misfired and launched a saw blade into his face, Sprave quipped: “Well, if that happens that would no doubts be my first video with more than ten million views!” This man truly understands the Internet.

(via Nerd Approved)

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