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Pull Wisely: Bitch Planet, Gwenpool, Power Up!, and More!


  1. Bitch Planet #8
    <strong><em>Bitch Planet</em> #8</strong><br> Bitch Planet #8
    w: Kelly Sue DeConnick
    a: Valentine De Landro
    p: Image Comics

    The wait for each issue of Bitch Planet is painful, but always so, so worth it thanks not only to its compelling story and art, but the feminist essays and commentary that accompanies each issue. This month, Kam is finally reunited with her sister.
  2. Captain America: Sam Wilson #10
    <strong><em>Captain America: Sam Wilson</em> #10</strong><br> Captain America: Sam Wilson #10
    w: Nick Spencer
    a: Daniel Acuna
    p: Marvel Comics

    Nick Spencer is writing two different Captain America books right now, since there are two Captains America. The Sam Wilson books have been intersecting with Civil War II and also with the other books about Hydra!Cap. It's getting pretty darn complicated, but presumably all will be revealed eventually ...
  3. Gwenpool #3
    <strong><em>Gwenpool</em> #3</strong><br> Gwenpool #3
    w: Christopher Hastings
    a: Gurihiru
    p: Marvel Comics

    Gwenpool's mercenary streak has caught the attention of some of her other comic book peers, who are starting to suspect that she might not be from their world. Uh-oh?
  4. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1 TPB
    <strong><em>Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1</em> TPB</strong><br> Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1 TPB
    w: Amy Reeder
    a: Natacha Bustos
    p: Marvel Comics

    If you haven't yet allowed yourself to get to know the lovely Lunella Lafayette and her very unusual sort-of pet, do yourself a favor and check out their very first trade. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a sweet adventure about a genius misfit who's sometimes too smart for her own good. Oh, and a Clifford-like big, red dinosaur. And also time travel and stuff.
  5. Ms. Marvel #8
    <strong><em>Ms. Marvel</em> #8</strong><br> Ms. Marvel #8
    w: G. Willow Wilson
    a: Takeshi Miyazawa, Adrian Alphona
    p: Marvel Comics

    Kamala Khan just joined the Civil War II crossover, and now she has to choose a side. Will she end up siding with her idol Carol Danvers, or will she have to stand against her? All signs point towards the latter, which should be interesting to see.
  6. Over the Garden Wall #3 <strong><em>Over the Garden Wall </em>#3</strong> Over the Garden Wall #3
    w: Jim Campbell, Amalia Levari
    a: Jim Campbell, Danielle Burgos, Cara McGee
    p: BOOM! Studios

    This Over the Garden Wall ongoing comic has been nothing but a total treat. It successfully carries over the surreal nature of the animated series while still maintaining its own identity. This issue centers on the ever-adorable tea kettle hat-wearing Greg and his adventure following Wirt's romantic rival, Jason Funderburker.
  7. Power Up! Vol. 1 <em><strong>Power Up! </strong></em><strong>Vol. 1</strong> Power Up! Vol. 1
    w: Kate Leth
    a: Matt Cummings
    p: BOOM! Studios

    If you haven't treated yourself to the delightful Power Up! comic from Kate Leth and Matt Cummings, then here's your shot. It's a series about some of the unlikeliest people to ever be bestowed with magical girl powers. Think Sailor Moon meets Scott Pilgrim, and you've kind of got the gist of it.
  8. Pretty Deadly #10 <em><strong>Pretty Deadly </strong></em><strong>#10</strong> Pretty Deadly #10
    w: Kelly Sue DeConnick
    a: Emma Rios
    p: Image Comics

    This issue marks the end of a story arc in this gorgeous comic series. Sarah, who stands at the center of this arc, is finally on her way out after making a request of a reaper way back in issue #6. Keep up with the western folklore fairytale and pick up this issue.
  9. She Wolf #1
    <strong><em>She Wolf</em> #1</strong><br> She Wolf #1
    w: Rich Tommaso
    a: Rich Tommaso
    p: Image Comics

    This new teen girl werewolf story sounds like Ginger Snaps in comic book form; it's a coming-of-age surreal horror fantasy featuring lycanthropic themes.
  10. Wonder Woman #1
    <strong><em>Wonder Woman</em> #1</strong><br> Wonder Woman #1
    w: Greg Rucka
    a: Liam Sharp
    p: DC Comics

    Do we wish that this new title had a female creative team? Of course we do. But Greg Rucka's previous Wonder Woman run was critically acclaimed and a fan favorite. As our favorite Amazon is "reborn" as part of DC's new status quo, we're looking forward to seeing how she'll evolve. In Part One of a story arc called "The Lies," Diana's lasso of truth no longer works for her. But why?

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