PlayStation Announces PS Vita TV, Could Actually Be Kind Of Cool

If you get over the part where it seems useless, you might actually want a PS Vita TV
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Ever find yourself playing your PS Vita or PSP, thinking, “Gee, this game is awesome in hand-held format, but I sure do wish that I could play video games on a big television screen”? If you’ve had this dilemma, but are unwilling to shell out the cash for a PS3 (or, soon, a PS4), then Sony has a solution for you: the PS Vita TV!

Admittedly, our first response to seeing the PlayStation Vita TV Global Concept Video was “this is ridiculous, just buy a PlayStation then”; but, after examining the stats and potential of the cigarette-pack-sized device, the PS Vita TV doesn’t sound all that silly (mostly).

Available for just under $100, the PS Vita TV allows you to play most of your PS Vita games on the big screen via HDMI cable with a DualShock 3 controller (we say “most” because some Vita games have touch-screen or camera capabilities that aren’t transferable), as well as lots of titles for the PSP and the PS1. Additionally, it’s going to function similarly to Apple TV, and you’ll be able to stream video and music services, like Hulu, through the Vita TV directly to your television.

What sets the PS Vita TV apart from devices like Apple TV, though, is its integrated functionality across a variety of consoles; the Vita TV will also allow you to wirelessly stream your PS4 gameplay to other televisions. No one will be able to escape witnessing your beautifully-executed head-shots now!

Sadly, the PS Vita TV is only scheduled for release in Japan at the moment; but if you’re lucky enough to pick one up, they’ll be available on November 14th.

(via Polygon and Kotaku, image via Sony Japan )

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