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Why Is Prime Video Censoring the Most Random ‘The Boys 4′ Scenes in India?

The Boys season 4 has managed to shock its audiences once more with that Human Centipede scene from episode 2. And a lot of fans have been scandalised by it. But isn’t it better to have seen and gotten shocked by it than to never have seen it at all? Just ask the show’s Indian viewers, who had little choice.

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According to viewer complaints on social media, certain scenes from The Boys season 4 on Prime Video have been censored in India. In season 4 episode 1, when Butcher trolls Victoria Neuman by sending her an email with a picture off his butthole as attachment, most of you saw the picture. Some even wondered if it was Karl Urban’s orifice (it wasn’t) or a body double was used.

Sadly, Indian fans were unable to have any such theories because they never even saw it. The image was censored for them and they just had to take a wild guess at what must’ve made Neuman jump in disgust like that.

Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman closes her eyes in shock in The Boys 4

One of the most talked about things from the current season of The Boys was the Human Centipede scene starring Supernatural actor Rob Benedict as the supe Splinter. His superpower is that he can replicate himself. And in this scene, there are six versions of Splinter, lined up in the formation of a human centipede, and they’re getting each other off, while the alpha Splinter in the front masturbates to a poster of the supe Firecracker.

Now this rather graphic scene too underwent a chop job, with all the other Splinters except the main one edited out from the scene! 

But here’s where it gets a little weird. While the Human Centipede scene was censored, what happens much later in the episode, with a Splinter splitting into some naked versions of him to attack The Boys, was not censored. The character was full-frontal naked, and Prime Video chose to show the scene as is, without any censoring.

Indian viewers expressed their confusion and frustration on X by calling out this random choice of censoring some nudity while letting the other be.

As one of the X users from India pointed out, The Boys has been rated ‘A’ (Adult viewing only), so there is no need to edit the human centipede scene.

Something similar happened during the release of Oppenheimer in India, when a sex scene involving Florence Pugh’s character was edited to hide nudity.

It’s rather unfortunate that a whole chunk of fans of the show won’t be able to see The Boys as intended, with its shock value and impact thus diluted.

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