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People Are Really Mad Over This Trump-Evoking Julius Caesar Because Apparently No One’s Ever Actually Read That Play

Yes, this is a very big deal.

This weekend, both Delta and Bank of America both withdrew their sponsorship from the Public Theater's famous Free Shakespeare in the Park program over a production of Julius Caesar. Their issue was with the depiction of the eventually-assassinated title role as a Trump-like figure.

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YouTube Creators No Longer Earning Ad Revenue Because Things Like Depression Are Not “Ad-Friendly”

Thanks to a recent YouTube change, a lot of YouTubers are finding that they're not earning any money off of their hard work.

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Call Your ISP: UN Declares Internet Service Interruptions Are Human Rights Violations

OK, it's a bit more complicated than that.

The UN Human Rights Council has declared that the Internet is protected free expression under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Specifically, their non-binding resolution took issue with some countries' "measures to intentionally prevent or disrupt access to our dissemination of information online." So, next time you have a problem with your Internet service, call up your ISP and warn them that the UN won't stand for that crap.

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What to Make of Zootopia’s Popularity and Critique in China

Zootopia is an accessible and incredibly timely movie, a fact that seems to resonate with both its fans and its critics. Bloomberg reports that Zootopia overtook Kung Fu Panda 3 as the highest-grossing cartoon in China since its release on March 4th.

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It’s 2016, Should We Still Be Worried About a Bad Word on SNL?

News outlets are pretty fixated on the part where Grande had what looked like an unscripted moment during her opening monologue.

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Steven Universe Censored in the UK, Because Obviously Kids Can’t Handle Same-Sex Kissing

Ruby is ready to kick someone's ass!

One of the best things about Cartoon Network's Steven Universe is that it depicts same-sex romantic relationships as a matter of course. From central characters to crowd scenes featuring a smattering of same-sex parents with their kids, Steven Universe includes LGBTQ+ folks as a part of life. You know, the way they are in real life. Well, Cartoon Network in the UK seems to think that's all a bit too much for their children.

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New Status Code 451 Pays Tribute to Ray Bradbury

The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has recently approved of status code 451, which will appear when a "resource access is denied as a consequence of legal demands."

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Stephen Colbert Answers the Age-Old Question: What Is Porn?

As Stephen Colbert explained on The Late Show, he was watching the Bloomberg Channel (as one does), and noticed that during their story about a Modigliani painting being sold, the painting was censored because it featured a nude woman. From there, this sketch about censorship and what constitutes porn (according to the FCC) really took off.

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Instagram Didn’t Really Consider an “R-Rated” Version, and That’s a Good Thing

Reports of an R-rated Instagram have been greatly exaggerated.

Reports have been flying after Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit that Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom revealed in a panel that the company has mulled over creating a separate "R-rated" version for content deemed unsuitable for regular Instagram. Instagram says this was never actually the plan, and judging by the issues people have had with the service over censorship, we're actually glad.

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Duke Students Protest Having to Read “Pornographic” Fun Home

*Sighs herself into oblivion*

Honestly, the only part of this story that surprises me is that Duke picked Fun Home as mandatory reading. Way to go, I guess, Duke?

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The Westport Independent Is a Video Game That Helps Us Understand Censorship

Like, real censorship. Not being disagreed with on the Internet.

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what the word "censorship" means. Thankfully, there's a game that aims to help players understand what censorship actually means and how it works.

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Chinese Government Wants Its Citizens to Use Real Names on the Internet

Ah, yes, the time honored argument about whether or not people should use their real names on the Internet. While the common use of pseudonyms can indirectly give bullies and harassers freedom from accountability, requiring people to identify themselves can have a chilling effect on those who use them as shields against harassment, and especially political persecution. Guess which side the argument of China is on?

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Instagram Admits Pube Censorship Was a Mistake; Women’s Bodies Continue to Confound Them

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Instagram has admitted that they made a mistake when they disabled an account that posted pictures of women with visible pubic hair, but they're still busily trying to figure out the right amount of censorship for women's bodies.

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Agent Carter Ordered Offline In China By Media Censors

Peggy is not amused.

both Agent Carter and Fox drama Empire have both been ordered off the Internet by the State General Administration for Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), who regulate all media in the country.

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Simulated Sex Protest Against UK’s New Restrictive Porn Laws Will Be Staged In London

Hey, British Board of Film Censors: careful, now.

Instead of a sit in, we're getting a facesitting. That's not a pithy joke, by the way. There is literally going to be a mass facesitting in Westminster. Bring your friends.

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The Chinese Government Wants to Ban Puns. Where’s the Pun in That?

So they just banned 90% of our job.

The Chinese government is now seeking to ban wordplay of all kinds from broadcast communications, ads, and politics. I guess they're tired of cunning linguists.

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New UK Legislation Bans Female Ejaculation, Facesitting, Some BDSM From Streaming Porn

I'll tell you where you can stick that legislation.

Terrible news, UK porn watchers: unless your favorite British-run streaming service can ensure that its kinkier fare "is made available in a manner which secures that persons under the age of 18 will not normally see or hear it," it's about to get censored right off your Internet—and apparently, "female ejaculation" counts.

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Now We Have Achieved True Equality: You Can Officially Say “Pussy” on Comedy Central

Yeah! Feminism!

And it's all thanks to Inside Amy Schumer! Huzzah!

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Arizona Schools Are Literally Ripping Pages on Contraception out of Biology Books

Well this is as stupid as [REDACTED].

The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board in Arizona became displeased with a section in a high school biology book that described how an abortion-inducing drug works after complaints from a Christian law organization called Freedom, so they advised school officials to redact it with extreme prejudice. I can't wait until someone goes full-on Fahrenheit 451 on them.

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Presenting a Brief History of American Film Censorship, Where Violence Is OK But Sex Isn’t


Start your morning off right—with the folks from CineFix's Film School'd series giving a run-down of the history of film censorship, from the early days (Edison, the scandal!) to today. If you're interested in that documentary used in the last few minutes, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, it's really good and you all should watch it.

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