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The Power Rangers Cast Wants A Woman to Play That Potential Sequel Character

The Power Rangers reboot, which hit theaters on March 24, has already teased a sequel with the on Twitter and in the film’s mid-credits sequence.

But should such a sequel be greenlit, who would play the Green Ranger? SyfyWire’s Tara Bennett asked the cast of Power Rangers who they’d pick–and almost all of them wanted a woman to take on the role.

“Rihanna!” cried Becky G., who plays Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger.

“Zendaya or Rihanna are my two,” agreed RJ Cyler, who plays Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger.

Naomi Scott, who plays Pink Ringer Kimberly Hart, said, “Meryl Streep.”

“Yeah, I think it’d be interesting to see a female play that role,” said Dacre Montgomery, who plays Jason Scott, the Red Ranger. “And I think, yeah, a young female actress who–there are so many now that I feel like I watch and I’m enamored by how powerful they are on screen, and how beautiful they are.” (Um, okay.)

Ludi Lin, who plays Zack Taylor the Black Ranger, said, “I would like to see someone given a chance–like a newcomer, given a chance to play that character, whether it be male or female.”

Montgomery also told The Hollywood Reporter, “A lot of the cast and I have discussed that we think it should be a girl. It makes it even: three girls, three boys.”

The Green Ranger, originally named Tommy Oliver, was pretty much the central character on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers show. He had the longest arc on an otherwise episodic show, premiering as a villain before joining with the rest of the Rangers, and later becoming the White Ranger and dating Kimberly, the Pink Ranger. The character then went on to get his PhD in paleontology and appear on other seasons of Power Rangers.

I sort of love the idea of a female Green Ranger–and, given the reveal around Trini’s sexuality, can she and the Green Ranger be the central romance? Just a thought…

Who would you cast the Green Ranger?

(Via SyfyWire and CBR; image via screengrab and 20th Century Fox)

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