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If GLaDOS Had A Body, She’d Probably Wear These Portal Rings

Almost Totally Excellent

On the list of “things I need that I never knew I needed,” Portal rings are now sitting at the top. Designer Chris Myles has created a series of nifty rings in the image of GLaDOS and her personality cores. Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of this post. 

The rings run anywhere from $6-$15 for the regular plastic versions (in the $100s for silver) and if you think that sounds cheap it is because there’s a catch. The rings come to you unpainted like model cars. That might not be a barrier for some of you but for me, with the shaky hands and not art skills, it is. Enjoy the gorgeousness anyway!


Fact core

Potato GLaDOS



Rick, the adventure core.

And just because he could…

…a Hello Kitty core.

You can find all the Portal rings plus a companion cube puzzle, and more in Myles’ shop (there’s also a few Assassin’s Creed items).

(via Rampaged Reality)

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