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Portal 2 Turret Opera in A Capella [Video]

Though it wasn’t the spiritual successor to the ridiculously popular “Still Alive,” (that was “Want You Gone”), the other ending song in Portal 2 is nothing to dismiss; the hauntingly beautiful “Cara Mia,” made all the more haunting in Portal 2 due to the scene in which it is presented, who the performers are, and the implications the translated Italian lyrics have on the overallĀ Portal lore.

Vocalists Liz Baseman, Rachel Dolkas, Matt Forman and Cody Shough add an extra layer of haunt and beauty to “Cara Mia” by performing the song a capella.

Today, we at A Cappella Records are GLaD to announce a partnership with Aperture Science. To celebrate, a few members of our team invoked the concept of songs solely created by the human voice. And various robotic enhancements.

The video involves a cappella music. It is designed to see how test subjects react to a cappella music.

If you dig this version of the song and are really tired of pressing play on YouTube or beating Portal 2 each time you want to listen to it, you can grab the song on iTunes.

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