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Popular Science Launches Unpopular Science

Unless it's just Opposite Day. That's a real thing outside of grammar school, right?

BigFoot Sighting

Popular Science has been feeling guilty about the self esteem of “lesser” sciences. After all, why should the cool kids like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics get all the attention when UFOlogy is so much fun? In the interest of making everyone feel included, Popular Science has launched Unpopular Science.

The mission of this new addition to the Popular Science Blog Network is to bring you information just a bit outside the reach of what you might actually consider science. It’s a place where Bigfoot, the paranormal, and UFOs are discussed as serious topics, whereas in regular science, they’re childish nonsense talk.

The new blog is written by Rebecca Watson, founder of Skepchick, a network of blogs that focus on more serious subjects with a focus on science, critical thinking, and a healthy amount of sarcasm. Unpopular Science seems like the perfect place for her to unwind and get little heavier on the sarcasm, and we can’t wait to see more posts.

If you’re looking for extra entertainment value, don’t skip the predictably atrocious comments, which PopSci has mercifully disabled on its regular articles but left active on the blogs. After all, where would the crazies theorize their crazy theories without comments sections? What’s even the point of a Bigfoot blog without an insane comments section?

(via Unpopular Science, image via JD Hancock)

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