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‘Poker Face’ Is Your Next Rian Johnson Fashion Obsession

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale sitting outside her home in 'Poker Face'

Rian Johnson continues to give us great content in the murder mystery genre. From Benoit Blanc in the Knives Out franchise to his new Peacock series Poker Face, he’s constantly feeding his fans. And with that does come one staple of a Rian Johnson production: an outfit you become so obsessed with that you can’t stop thinking about.

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Poker Face has hit Peacock, and now you can all be a part of my new favorite thing: Natasha Lyonne’s fashion. Lyonne plays Charlie Cale, a woman who has a “no bullshit” radar that means that the minute someone lies to her, she knows it—and has to figure out why they’re lying to her. With her track record, it always seems to lead to murder in one way or another.

Each episode takes us to a new location, and that means that Charlie has to dress accordingly. Whether it’s for the weather or whatever job she ends up taking, we get to see how she’d dress, and it is a really fun thread to follow throughout the show—all while solving a murder case that she has fallen into.

But Charlie makes sure to look good while she’s on the case, and that’s where our new clothing obsession comes in.

It’s Charlie Cale’s fashion world

Natasha Lyonne in Pokerface

From the minute we meet Charlie Cale, she’s wearing a look. If it isn’t a robe, it’s her outfit from the casino and on. She just constantly has her comfort above style, but still with her own flair. I want nothing more in this world than for Charlie Cale’s Fleetwood Mac shirt that is featured in the Peacock menu to be mine. I just … can’t afford it.

But what works about this character and her fashion is that it isn’t forced. Her looks are all things that you’d think she’d pick up and put on in a hurry, and they’re all just fitting for her. Her band t-shirts and robes are all things that fit how Charlie functions in the show but are also definitely going to lead to the same kind of cultural obsession that Johnson’s other properties have given us, fashion-wise.

The collective obsession with Rian Johnson fashion

Chris Evans in a sweater, Kate Hudson in her rainbow dress, Natasha lyonne in a robe

When Knives Out happened, the internet was obsessed with Chris Evans’ sweater that he wore as Ransom Drysdale. If someone wanted to wear it, they became ten times cooler than before. It was (and continues to be) the choice of sweater season. But that was just the beginning. With Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the rainbow dress that Birdie wears was the favoritenot to mention the swimwear.

So becoming obsessed with all of Charlie Cale’s looks isn’t exactly a new thing for a Rian Johnson project. If anything, it is right in line with the rest of his work. Plus, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) himself is a fashion icon, so it makes sense that Johnson’s new “detective” of sorts also has her own unique sense of style. I do hope that this brings back leather bomber jackets and big sunglasses, because I would willingly get a shag haircut to live out my Charlie Cale dreams.

(featured image: Peacock)

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