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The Perfect Fall Look? Every Single Costume in Knives Out.

Chris Evans being a snack in Knives Out

Knives Out is a hard movie to talk about and not spoil. So, what have we clung to while waiting for everyone to see it? Talking about its sweater game. Knives Out is a great many things, but a movie that inspired my dream fall look was not on my bingo card, and yet, here we are. A murder mystery set in a supposed sleepy town in northeast America, the movie gives us a beautiful look at what rich people wear when it’s cold outside.

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Unfortunately, it is now my dream wardrobe. A ripped up cable knit sweater? Yes, please. Since the dawning of Chris Evans telling everyone to “eat shit” in the first trailer to actually seeing the film, my love for the costuming of this movie has only continued to grow. And now, we can openly talk about the most important aspect of Rian Johnson’s latest film. (Yeah sure, murder is important, but what amazing coats!)

And honestly, if you don’t like a cozy sweater look?

knives out

Just kidding, to each their own, but still, these cozy coats and bundled up sweater vibes we’re getting make me want to figure out how one knits something so I can have that beautifully hole-filled sweater that Chris Evans rocks throughout most of the movie. But he’s not the only one with amazing looks. So, here are some of my favorite vibes that Knives Out sold me.

While not exactly a look I would rock in my everyday life, Daniel Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc is wearing amazing suits, and more importantly, he and Detective Lieutenant Elliot (Lakeith Stanfield) are rocking amazingly warm-looking coats. Honorable mention goes out to that okay leather jacket. knives out.

Now, this isn’t just a man’s game. Both Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas) and Meg Thrombey (Katherine Langford) have amazing coats. Yes, they have nice sweaters, but this is more about their outerwear. Meg, but a humble college student, looks every bit the cool and collected liberal arts student I aspired to be (especially with those amazing hoop earrings), and Marta’s more practical coat makes me envious of her hood.

Do you know how often I find myself out in the rain or snow and need a hood? Marta has it. In fact, so does Meg, with her cool sweater coat. Maybe I just like coats with an optional hood look.

knives out.

The look that won over the hearts of millions (or at least fans on Twitter) also belongs to Chris Evans, though. Playing Ransom Drysdale, Chris is a preppy white man who cries about money and if he weren’t so hot, I’d hate him, but here we are. I blame the sweater game and the nice tan coat for me not hating Ransom as much as I probably should.

But Ransom rolls up with with a sweater that has so many nice little rips in it, and I want to know where I can buy it. Can I have that one?

knives out.

So, is Knives Out just a movie with murder and sweaters? I mean, yes and no. There are other fun elements, but sweaters and murder are all I need to love a movie, and that’s maybe why it’s one of my favorites from this entire year.

Can J. Crew release a Knives Out-inspired clothing line? For me? Because I never knew that I wanted to spend the colder months in tan coats with fun scarves until now, and honestly, this is all I could have wanted for myself. If only Rian Johnson and company could have let me know my true destiny sooner.

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