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First In-Game Pokémon Go Augmented Reality Pokémon Footage Comes From SXSW

Some shiny, nifty video from Nintendo has already shown us how the company wants Pokémon Go to feel, but we’ve been left wanting when it comes to what the game will actually be like. Now, we can wonder no more with the first in-game footage from the mobile Pokémon game.

The above footage comes from a SXSW talk on augmented reality by John Hanke of Niantic, the development partner behind Pokémon Go as well as the popular AR mobile game Ingress. While the footage might not be incredibly stirring, featuring mostly some Pokéball tossing and a Bulbasaur roughly mapped to what appears to be a real-world grassy area as the camera moves around, the studio has the pedigree to create a pretty immersive experience and really bring the Pokémon franchise to life in a new way.

The release date, while scheduled for 2016, is still undecided, so there’s plenty of time to work on what’s shown in the rough footage seen here, which wasn’t even intended for public release. The full game promises to have you out in the real world collecting and battling Pokémon just like you always imagined, with region-specific monsters and an eye towards getting players to check out landmarks and other interesting features of the world around them. We can’t wait to see more when it’s ready for an official public showing.

(via Eurogamer, image via Nintendo)

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