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That Bug In Your Pokémon Game’s Finally Been Fixed With The Latest Patch

We mean like a software bug, not a Catterpie or something.


Good news, Pokémon trainers! You can finally save in Lumiose City now! Well, not immediately, of course — you have to download the patch software to your 3DS first. But after two weeks of having to leave the city walls to save so your files won’t get corrupted, it’s worth the hassle.

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The upgrade is available at the Nintendo 3DS shop and requires 229 blocks of free memory. As promised, it not only makes it possible to save in Lumiose City without damage to your files, but it also restores save files that have already corrupted by the glitch.

In order to to download the patch, head to the Nintendo 3DS shop on your console menu (you have to close out of whatever program you’re using to do so). An automatic window should pop up asking if you want to update your software. If you choose to download now, it will immediately start; if you choose later, you’ll have to go into, Settings/Other, down to History, and hit the Updates button in order to find it again.

Once the download finishes, you’re all set! You shouldn’t have any more glitch-related problems with your Pokémon game after that. Now, if only they’d fix the camera settings so we could all figure out where we are in Lumiose City to begin with.

(via, image via Pokemon X/Y)

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