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Let’s Take a Pokémon Feels Trip With This Sad Mimikyu Song

Sad, lonely, prefers the dark? Mimikyu is me.

You can hear more about the whys and wherefores of Pokémon Sun and Moon‘s Mimikyu with this brand new song that was uploaded to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube account. Translated by fan Tobias, it shakes out to be a rap from the little Pokémon, backed by a sentimental acoustic strumming guitar. The lyrics alone are enough to really get you right in the feels, doubly so if you’re the type of sucker to get drawn in to sad, lonely Pokémon stories (i.e., me).

The heartrending lyrics to “Song of Mimikyu,” copied from the subtitled video in full:

Yo Yo. Please listen to a rap of mine…

I’m not Pikachu. I’m Mimikyu
I get lonely easily
The Sun, the Sun. I’m kind-of afraid
But I love dark places!

I wanted to be on good terms with everyone…
that’s why I’m imitating Pikachu
This costume resembles Pikachu, right?
I’ve hand-crafted it. Pretty cool huh.

To remove it~ Absolutely not.
I guess you’ll probably be cursed if you saw.

I’m not Pikachu. I’m Mimikyu.
I’m not a spook! I’m Mimikyu.

With a big claw I can protect you
With a thundervolt [sic] I can be useful in many ways
I’m a Pokémon that can be relied upon
Therefore please let me be your friend!

I’m not Pikachu. I’m Mimikyu.
Can we be friends? I’m Mimikyu.
I’m not Pikachu. I’m Mimikyu.
I get lonely easily. I’m Mimikyu.

I’m not Pikachu. I’m Mimikyu.
I’m not a spook! I’m Mimikyu.
I’m not Pikachu. I’m Mimikyu.
Can we be friends? I’m Mimikyu.

Aww. Mimikyu, I’ll be your pal! I’ll give you plenty of hugs and you can be whoever or whatever you want to be, little buddy. Let’s be friends, okay?

For those unaware, Mimikyu is a brand new Pokémon being introduced in the new iteration of the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Sun and Moon. Wearing nothing but an imitation of a Pikachu costume (read: Pikachu’s face drawn on a sheet), Mimikyu is as mysterious as it is adorable. The story goes that it wears the costume because it wants to be as widely loved as Pikachu is, but doesn’t believe that anybody would love it unless it looked cute.

As the song references, nobody knows just who or what is under the sheet, and it absolutely refuses to let anybody take it away. It even goes as far as threatening a curse upon whoever might try, though a small part of me wonders if that’s just a bit of chest-puffing boldness to get people to not even try. Just don’t hurt the Mimikyu, okay? Let it be what it wants to be!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hug a few of my stuffed animals because I can’t stand how sadly cute this all is.

(via Kotaku)

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