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Bring Us “The Head of Jamie Foxx” in Episode 28 of The Geekosystem Podcast

Something something Blue-Ray pun.


Right before recording this week, we saw the above image of the packaging for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Blu-ray. Yes, it’s a creepy looking bust of Jamie Foxx’s head, and no, that isn’t a thing anyone wants. We talk about that, Star Wars, reading, and more.

I think a lot of geeks start out by reading books they were probably too young to be reading, but Victoria thinks that’s not always necessarily a good thing. Should a nine-year-old be reading Moby Dick? What about The Hunger Games? Does Twilight have any real literary value?

We also talk about the Star Wars “Machete” viewing order, and why I’m trying so hard to keep my daughter from learning about Yoda.

As for Editors’ Picks this week, Carolyn is real excited for Wolf Cop

I mean, you know, whatever. It’s just a movie about a Wolfcop. A cop. Who’s also a wolf. It’s only going to be the best thing ever. You can watch the trailer or donate to the film here . You know, if you like stuff that’s good.

Victoria’s recently watched an old… well, let’s call it a classic for lack of a better term.

My pick this week is one that you’re probably familiar with if you listen to the How Did This Get Made podcast, which is one of my favorites and you should totally be listening to it (look, I snuck in another pick!). Anyway, Carolyn and I watched the Hulk Hogan classic No Holds Barred this weekend, and it is a thing of terrible bad-movie beauty. If you love awful films about wrestlers grunting each other to death, it is worth getting a couple of friends together and renting this from somewhere. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by anything except maybe Hulk’s acting.

As for me, I’ve done little else in the past week than play Batman: Arkham City after getting through Arkham Asylum in about two days.

The real appeal in Arkham City for me is that it’s more than just a chance to feel like Batman. Arkham Asylum did a great job of that, but City takes it a step further and lets you understand what it’s like to be Batman.

There’s the main storyline of the game, but the open world design lends constant interruption to your pursuit of the Joker. That’s the thing that’s easy to forget about Batman. He’s out to save his city, and criminals don’t take turns. Mr. Zsasz doesn’t care that you’re sick, or fighting someone else. Riddler needs to prove he’s better than you, and he’ll kill to do it.

Playing Arkham City you can understand the real weight of Batman’s fight more than in comics or a movie, because you’re experiencing it.

As always, we’d like to thank Kevin MacLeod for use of our theme song “A Theme for Harold (Var. 3)”

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