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Pocket-Sized Espresso Machine Literally Fits in Your Pocket

Are you a coffee connoisseur and only settle for the fancy stuff, but are always on the go and never have the time to park at a seat at an outdoor cafe and casually enjoy a cup of espresso? Luckily for you, Instructables user urant attempted to solve that terrible, crippling problem of yours by making the pocket espresso machine. Unlike infomercial lingo, this pocket espresso machine actually its in an average-sized pants pocket.

Urant managed to build the machine out of parts that came from a local hardware store, including copper plumbing parts, lead-free solder, an alcohol stove, and a handful of other things. Urant was worried about the acidity of the beverage corroding the copper and having the copper ending up in the drink, but consulted with a doctor and not only found out that there’d be no issue with some copper corrosion, but also that tinning the brew head will eliminate any possible copper corrosion.

The result is a handy little espresso machine that one can store away in their pants pocket, and pull out for a quick brew on the go. Not as sophisticated as reading a book at a tiny table outside of a cafe and eating a little pastry along with your espresso, but hey, if you have to have your espresso, brewing it out of your pocket is better than not having your espresso, right?

For the full list of instructions, head on over to Instructables and get soldering.

(Instructables via Make)

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