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Please Don’t Skip a Theatrical Release for Wonder Woman 1984


Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 is set for a theatrical release this June. With the current climate for … the entire world, a lot of theatrical releases are up in the air, and a report from The Wrap went around earlier today stating that there were some preliminary talks at Warner Bros. about doing a fully digital release. Since then, someone else at WB told IndieWire that they’re sticking to a theatrical release, but with the June 5 release date approaching amid uncertainty about when people will actually be able to go back to movie theaters and what other movies that missed their dates will do, who knows what will ultimately happen?

Personally, I’m glad they’re currently sticking to a theatrical release—which The Wrap’s report indicated was always the preference. I understand the need to give people joy; I get that, and giving us movies to watch at home can help. What sucks is that the three movies that are, currently, getting the biggest hit with this are Mulan, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman 1984—all female-led movies and all movies that are highly anticipated. So yes, sure, people want to see Natasha Romanoff and Diana Prince onscreen but can we not throw around the idea of sending them to home release early just yet?

The thing is, with something like Trolls World Tour, which Universal has decided to release early digitally, the movie is geared for children, so the idea of putting it on a streaming platform isn’t exactly that much of a hit because that’s where a lot of kids would have seen it anyway. With huge blockbusters that have big opening weekends, trying to get them on a streaming platform just to have something to watch during the lockdown isn’t going to help anyone.

In fact, I already wrote about how it’s okay that Black Widow was delayed, and if Wonder Woman 1984 meets the same fate, we’ll survive. It all goes back to the movie theater business. Trying to give fans what they want (and make money in the process) by throwing them on streaming platforms without a theatrical release, you’re taking money away from the theaters and those who work there, and I think it’s better to just wait and see where the world at large ends up closer to the time of release, especially since Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t even scheduled to come out until June 5th.

Not to mention, we waited how long for a Wonder Woman movie to break through all the male-centric superhero films, and it was one of DC’s most successful to date? Its sequel deserves to get its full due, in movie theaters. We can wait.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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