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What Does Coronavirus Hold for Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984?


Natasha romanoff in black widow

My entire 2020 was going to revolve around the release dates for Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984—excited to see that Natasha Romanoff was going to get her time and Diana Prince was going to be back in action with Steve Trevor. The problem? Now with the CDC recommending that we remain away from large gatherings for the next eight weeks due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, it seems as if (at least) the release date for Black Widow is going to get pushed back.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but with how Disney has been moving up home streaming releases specifically to make up for many of us being trapped indoors and park/hotel closures, it seems that the Mouse is taking everything seriously.

So, with all that in mind, I do think that Black Widow, at least, is going to get delayed. Wonder Woman 1984 might be less likely to be pushed back, since it doesn’t release until June, but with the eight-week gathering avoidance suggestion from the CDC, it does hinder the ability to do press for the movie and get the word out (not that Wonder Woman 1984 really needs it).

While we have been waiting for Black Widow since Iron Man 2, we’ve also been gearing up and getting excited for the last few weeks, but that excitement can and will still be there in a few weeks (or whenever they would push it back to) when we can all go and see it safely without worrying about the coronavirus on top of it.

It sucks because, right now, the idea of our favorite thing coming out can keep us going, but I think we should look at this positively. Since everything around us is currently doom and gloom, the best way to look at this is that when we finally get the all-clear to go back to the movies and hang out together, we’ll have the perfect movies to celebrate with!

At the end of the day, what’s really important is our health, and so while we all want to see Natasha Romanoff and Diana Prince on the big screen, I’d be perfectly okay with their releases being delayed if it meant waiting for our own safety, the safety of others who may be more vulnerable, and keeping our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

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