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First Clip From Plan 9 from Outer Space Remake (Yes, I Said Plan 9 from Outer Space Remake) Is Predictably Bad [VIDEO]

what is this I don't even


But it seems to be intentionally bad, so that’s… OK? Maybe? I don’t know, my brain’s still stuck on the fact that someone decided to remake Ed Wood‘s Plan 9 from Outer Space, notoriously (and lovingly) known as “the worst movie ever made.” Frankly I don’t understand the logic of doing a schlocky, ironically funny version of a movie that was already schlocky and ironically funny to begin with, just… by mistake. It’s like writer/director John Johnson is ignoring the first rule of cult films: You can’t set out to make one.

All might be forgiven if someone spots any metal pie plates on one of the shelves in the background of this scene, though.

(via: GeekTyrant)

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