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Start Your Week Off With a Bunch of Dancing, Partying Pikachus

Need to start your week off with something wholesome and wonderful? Here’s over 1,500 Pikachus in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area dancing, raving, and being joyful. One even has a rainbow afro!

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The event, called Pikachu Outbreak, includes a big march of the Pikachus, a march of Eevees (for the first time ever!), a “Super Soaking Splash Show” (where images suggest the Pikachus are wearing super cute summer clothes), a shipboard greeting at Minato Mirai where a boatload of Pikachus appear (including Sailor Pikachu), and finally, “Pokémon Synchronicity”, a special performance using digital technology from Rhizomatiks and WOW creative studio. The event, which is held from August 10th to 16th, is now in its fifth year.

“Pokémon Synchronicity” is currently being shared the most on social media since it’s the main show, a great expression of the “Science is Amazing!” theme this year. The light-up equipment is definitely impressive, as are all the Pikachu moves. If you pay attention though, you’ll see a lot of other really cute details: the afro and night-time Pikachus are eye-catching, but I also appreciated the Pikachu that had flowers around its ears, the Pikachu with a slightly angrier expression, and life-jacket Pikachu! There is truly a Pikachu for everyone.

(Luckily, it doesn’t look like there were any mishaps so no Pikachus had to be dragged off-stage like in a different last year.)

There are also a ton of commemorative items that accompany the Outbreak, but are unfortunately only available in Japan. Where am I going to get my pictures from this adorable photoshoot of Pikachus frolicking through meadows and being cute now?

Which Pikachu from the Outbreak is your favorite?

(via Kotaku, image: screencap)

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