Sing-Along to Pikachu’s Ridiculously Cute Ketchup Song From Pokémon X Y Z

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There are many great love stories and ships within the world of Pokémon. Fans have scrutinized many episodes to find out what Ash and Misty really think of one another. Jessie and James: partners or more? Regardless of what you think about these relationships, I think we all know the one and greatest love story in the Pokémon universe is the one between Pikachu and beloved condiment ketchup.

In yesterday’s episode of Pokémon X Y Z in Japan, the typical end credits were replaced with a ridiculously cute song about ketchup sung by about a dozen harmonizing Pikachus. At one point they even Totoro a gigantic ketchup tree out of the ground!

The song, completely sung by several Pikachus, appears to have Pika-translator in the subtitles, but those that want to sing along will find it very easy. Pikachu’s love for ketchup has been part of the Pokémon world since season 1 of the series. After not eating ketchup for a while, his reunion with the condiment was newsworthy in 2014. Also, just look at him!

giphygiphy (1)

The short song raises a few questions though, like, do all Pikachus (not just Ash’s) love ketchup? Along with the useless Magikarp song, I’m loving the generous amount of Pokémusic we’re getting this week.

(via Polygon)
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