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Monday Cute: “I Love Magikarp,” an Ode to the Most Useless Pokémon

Let’s talk about Magikarp: Magikarp is a useless Pokémon whose only virtue is the fact that it evolves into Gyarados, and that takes stupid long. When I was playing Pokémon GO and the egg I nurtured for 2km turned out to be a weak Magikarp, I finally understood my parents’ disappointment when the daughter they raised for 18 years told them she wanted to major in English literature.

That being said, the official Japanese Pokémon Youtube channel uploaded a glorious music video called “I Love Magikarp” that features a young child singing an ode to the fish that makes me hate Magikarp a lot less. Ryosuke Aoike of FEVER Creations did a fantastic job on the animation, and if you’re looking for more Magikarp love and merchandise you can head here.

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The Verge provides this translation of the chorus:

Weak pokémon, Magikarp

The weakest thing in the world

Weak pokémon, Magikarp

So weak that it’s actually shocking

I’m going to be humming this on my morning commutes from now on, what did you think about the tune?

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