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Instagram Competitor picplz Shutting Down July 3rd


Sharing photos via mobile applications is certainly the hot thing to do, if Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is any sign, but apparently not hot enough for there to be room in this proverbial town for more than the one major service. One of Instagram’s earliest competitors, picplz, has announced that they will be shuttering their service for good come July 3.

Users of the erstwhile photo sharing service will be able to download their photos from their photo feed before picplz goes away entirely. Here’s hoping that said users didn’t use the service too much as they’ll be required to download each and every photo separately. Maybe that’s why they’re shutting down and Instagram is rolling in the dough.

Last year, picplz became part of Mixed Media Labs before being spun off as its own company. It’s not the end of the world for the company though. The same team behind picplz is behind the popular Pinterest mobile application pinflip so life goes on. They live to develop another day.

On a more serious note, this tends to be the way of things. Multiple services spring up offering the same utility until one emerges the victor. The technology world functions much the same as the Thunderdome but without the limit on participants. Seems like there were other victors this time around.

(blog plz via TechCrunch)

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