Warner Bros.’ Peter Pan Movie Might Have Found Its Villain, And It’s Not Captain Hook

Who He Is and How He Came to Be
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Lookie lookie, Joe Wright‘s live-action Peter Pan movie (doesn’t) got Hookie.

We told you last week that Warner Bros. has become the third studio to throw their pirate hat in the ring and work on a Peter Pan movie, this one an origin story about our favorite forever young scamp/hero who’s also kind of (read: absolutely) a giant prepubescent jerkwad. And now the rumor mill is telling us that Warner Bros. wants Javier Bardem to step aboard as the film’s villain, the pirate Blackbeard.

No Hook? E tu, Warner Bros.?

Ducking into Wikipedia territory here, Captain Hook once served as Blackbeard’s botswain, so it’s entirely possible that Warner Bros.’ Peter Pan film will serve as something of an origin story for Hook, too. Maybe he’ll show up in the film in a pre-villain capacity and then take the helm for the sequel, assuming Warner Bros. wants to franchise this bad boy up. (They probably do.) Doing a Peter Pan movie where the main baddie isn’t Hook seems wrong on some fundamental level, but then again I can’t complain about screenwriter Jason Fuchs doing something original with the story. Deadline‘s description of origin story Peter as a “savior of the natives” of Neverland (yeesh) makes me a bit more doubtful.

Assuming Bardem does become Blackbeard, the role will continue the glorious tradition of movies where he has weird hair. And I’m not quite ready to let go of Jason Isaacs as my mental Hook yet anyway (Once Upon a Time‘s Colin O’Donoghue, you’re good, but… Jason Isaacs), so this is probably for the best.

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