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Peter Capaldi Disagrees With Steven Moffat About Every Single Thing, Thinks His Own Doctor Who Audition Sucked

"I wouldn't have hired me. Steven."

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Since Peter Capaldi was cast as the twelfth Doctor he’s taken the bull by the curly-haired horns and proceeded to whip the show into shape—at least, we hope—but apparently he started out his doctoral tenure with a bit less self-confidence. Specifically: He thought he bombed his audition.

That fateful audition was recounted at a Q&A session following a screening of the season 8 premiere “Deep Breath,” available to the hoi polloi on August 23rd. Steven Moffat said he thought Capaldi was “fantastic,” but the actor jumped in to share an opinion to the contrary:

“The funny thing I didn’t tell you is that I thought when we did it that was a disaster. I thought I’d done it so badly and I was so – to use a popular phrase – out of the loop [I see what you did there, Malcolm Tucker]. But I’d enjoyed the experience so much that I thought, if that’s as far as it goes, that’s worth it.”

Au contraire, countered Moffat: “I could show you that footage and he was fantastic. Obviously it’s him, look at him, he’s been rehearsing in his bedroom since the age of four!” Based on a description given by Moffat, one of the scenes Capaldi auditioned with was probably this one, featuring the memorable line “I’ve deleted French!”

Your takeaway here isn’t that Peter Capaldi is going to kick ass as the Doctor, which we already knew. It’s that Peter Capaldi is fundamentally incapable for agreeing with Moffat about anything, even when it comes to Peter Capaldi’s own greatness. “I thought your audition was really go—” “NO. No, you’re wrong.”


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