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There Was a Pete & Pete Cast Reunion This Weekend, Watch the Whole Thing Here

The Adventures of Pete & Pete ran for twenty-six short films, five half-hour specials, and three seasons of actual greenlit television, the poster kid/show/kid’s show for that early 90’s Nickelodeon sense of “How did anyone know that this was a good idea?” (A feeling just on the other side of “Why did anyone think this was a good idea?”) Our favorite quote from this Saturday’s cast reunion in Los Angeles?

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We were writing for a certain kind of kid, and I guess it was all you folks here today. We were writing for a certain kid that was maybe, um, felt like he was a little weird himself and wasn’t really sure how to express that or if it was okay to express that. And we wanted to find that kid and show him our show and say “it’s okay.”

For more, including how the young stars got to blow an amp playing with Iggy Pop in Nutley Catholic School, click on, my little vikings!

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Part 2

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