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Wearing a Cast of Your Pet’s Nose Around Your Neck: Sweet or Mild Torture??

Just Go With It

We love weird jewelry. We also love pets. And looking at these custom pieces by Jackie Kaufman of Rock My World, Inc., we’re just wondering if wearing a sterling silver cast of the nose of one’s dog or cat is the ultimate sign of affection and tribute, or if it’s just super weird. Since one of my favorite jewelry pieces is a hippo with a fishtail and a woman’s torso inside its mouth, I’m going to err on the side of “kinda adorable.” Because, come on: noses! … Except for that whole “is this animal cruelty” thing.

Okay, “cruelty” is probably a harsh word. But there’s still concern over how these casts are obtained from the beloved animals. How are they 1. getting dogs and cats to stay still while the casting is going on, and 2. how are the furbabies breathing during the process? Apparently, it’s a “pet-safe, non-toxic mold”, but it’s kind of unclear as to who is doing the casting, or how long. The owner? Okay, a person the pet trusts, sure. But seriously, only the most mellow — or dead, or comatose — pet in the universe would allow a human to stick their nose in stuff, even for a short time. Maybe put the pet under anesthesia for dental work and then get their nose cast? Who knows. But hey, let’s look at the pieces!

Here is a dog nose necklace:

And here is a cat nose necklace:

I’ll bet you’ve really never thought about what a cat’s nose looks like, have you? Now you can stare deep into every tiny crevice. Yay!

Kaufman also puts the noses on belt buckles and keychains, and will also inscribe your pet’s name on the back of the pendants. A fitting tribute for a pet who may or may not even like you after you temporarily block their air supply in the name of love and fashion.

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