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Living in the Future Finally Pays Off, We Now Have Perfect Toast Thanks to Toast Algorithm

But will it lead your other appliances on an adventure to find you when you sell your house?


If you’ve been looking to step your toast game up to the next level, now’s your chance. Appliance company Dualit has release a line of toasters that use an algorithm to make the perfect piece of toast. Hold on a minute. I have to go throw my current toaster in the garbage where it belongs.

The Dualit 4-Slot Lite Toaster and the Brushed Architect Four-Slice Toaster both come equipped with some of the most advance toaster technology ever. It adjusts for things how long since it was last used, how many slices of toast it has made, and even the temperature of the room, all in pursuit of consistently perfect toast.

There’s also a special button for bagels. Truly we live in an age of wonder.

You can even pop your toast up mid-toasting cycle to check on it without interrupting the process, though if it’s really as smart as the company seems to think it is, I don’t know why you’d need to.

The Stoneware Lite (pictured above) runs about $145 and the Architect is in the $170 range, so they’re certainly not cheap. You really just have to ask yourself what the perfect piece of toast is really worth to you.

(Dualit via Pocket Lint, image via Dualit)

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