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Like Your Toast a Bit on the Dark Side? Use the Darth Vader Toaster

The chosen one will make sure your breakfast is as balanced as the Force.

Star Wars Toaster
Hey, what’s a bit on the dark side and comes in twos? That’s right, your toast and the Sith. The Darth Vader helmet toaster will help you faithfully execute Order 67 (get the Emperor some toast) like a true Sith Lord.

If you can have Darth Vader’s helmet on your counter without feeling like you’re going to have a Luke-on-Dagobah moment where you see your own face in it, you can grab one of these evil toast machines from License 2 Play for $50 starting in June. That gives you plenty of time to save up your galactic credits and stock up on all of your necessary toast condiments. I find your lack of jam disturbing.

Of course, there’s been a Darth Vader toaster before, but this one’s got the collectible-type looks to justify its $50 price tag. Its Darth Vader image on the toast looks clearer, too, so the Force lightning toasting technology must have been improved over the past few years. And hey, no one can digitally reinsert anyone else’s face on your toast, either.

There is still good in him; I can feel it. No, wait, my toast is just almost done.

(via cnet, image via License 2 Play)

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