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Happy Penguin Awareness Day! My Favorite Fictional Penguins and How to Protect Them

The most important holiday today is, obviously, Penguin Awareness Day. They are wonderful, adorable creatures that deserve to be celebrated and protected, so this is my love letter to these amazing birds. From Madagascar to Happy Feet, from that sad home-wreaking penguin to the enduring strength of the groups in Planet Earth, penguins have entertained and inspired us. Here’s Hugh Jackman with a baby penguin:

In the same spirit as my Black Cat Day post, here are some of my favorite fictional penguins. Obviously there are so many it’s tough to keep track, so let me know if I missed any!

Gunter from Adventure Time. I mean, duh, just look at those moves!


This incredibly melancholy penguin from a Suntory Beer campaign consumed by ennui. Same, friend.

Pingu from Pingu. In addition to being an entertaining claymation-ed show for me as a kid, Pingu has given adult me a number of amazing reaction GIFs.


Pen Pen, or Pen² from Neon Genesis Evangelion. This mascot character loves baths and provided some much-needed comic relief.

giphy (2)

King Dedede, Kirby games. Has any other penguin reached a position as high as King before? A win for King Dedede is a win for penguin-kind.








All the penguins from Mawaru-Penguindrum. This anime is just full of penguin cuteness.


Piplup (and all its evolutions), Pokemon. I adamantly use fire-type starters all the time unless Piplup’s there.


And that’s it folks! On a serious note, climate change is having a really devastating effect on penguins and other endangered animals. That’s a challenge that our new administration for the next four years has not only continuously dismissed, but looks to be completely ill-equipped to handle. Symbolically adopt a WWF penguin (you even get a plush!), fight climate change, and do your best to support any and all efforts for our planet. Who are your favorite penguins?

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