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Frenchman Sues Google Over Street View Shot of Him Peeing in His Garden

Google’s Street View project is a pretty interesting and widespread endeavor. It can come in handy for plotting out by-sight directions from one place to another or can help you waste time “walking” around places you’ll probably never visit. It can also publish a candid shot of you peeing into your garden, thereby making you the laughing stock of the small village in which you live. That’s exactly what happened to an unfortunate Frenchman who is now suing Google to get the image removed.

Naturally, the man has decided to keep his address secret, but AFP saw the slightly blurred photo which, for all its blurriness, apparently showed the man relieving himself in his own garden pretty clearly. Normally this might not be a huge deal, but the man lives in a small hamlet where everyone knows everyone, and he was immediately recognized — and laughed at — by all. His lawyer told AFP “[The man] discovered the existence of this photo after noticing that he had become an object of ridicule in his village.” That must have made for a bad day.

The man is now suing Google for infringing on his privacy and for posting a photo of him without his permission. He’s obviously looking for the photo to be removed, but it looks like he may be seeking other compensation as well. Google’s lawyer, Christophe Bigot, has called the case “implausible,” but this wouldn’t be the first time Google Street View has picked up something rather private. In any event though, the guy was peeing in some bushes. Big deal. Everyone needs to lighten up a bit. Plants need waterin’.

(via PhysOrg)

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